Accuracy compliments from JJ Keller

At TSS, we take our commitment to accuracy and reliability very seriously. In the design and development of TSS tools and resources, it is essential that the resources provided exceed the standards for compliance and accuracy. This compliment from the first TSS system user is a testament to the accuracy and reliability of the TSS system.

“Recently, we had JJ Keller do a complimentary audit on our DQ files. Right off the bat the auditor came right out and said that of all the companies she has audited, these were by far one of the best. She was amazed at how all of our forms were complete and accurate with all necessary information. She said it was extremely odd to find an online application for DOT positions that is 100% accurate. She gave our system a Kudos to which I am giving you guys a kudos at TSS. Thank you for all the hard work to keep us in business!”

Whether you own a TSS system or would like to utilize the ala carte options for your organization, TSS is here to help your organization with simple, reliable and compliant solutions for your transportation operations.