TSS Safety Management System – LITE VERSION

The LITE version of the classic TSS standalone system for your small to medium organization. This option provides a sub-domain web URL with a lightly branded Safety Management System for your organization with unlimited users. This system provides the Basic LMS training materials and systems without the HR and Compliance resources.

Module 1 TSS Program LITE
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Overview
Unit 3 TSS Implementation: Step 1
Unit 4 TSS Implementation: Step 2
Unit 5 TSS Implementation: Existing Staff
Unit 6 TSS Implementation: Team Introduction
Unit 7 TSS Implementation: Existing Drivers
Unit 8 Enrolling a new user
Unit 9 Courses Overview
Unit 10 Driver Training 101
Unit 11 Driver Training 102
Unit 12 Driver Training 103
Unit 13 TSS Safety and Equipment
Unit 14 TSS Policies and Procedures
Unit 15 TSS Monthly Refresher Training
Unit 17 TSS Custom Courses (Optional)
Unit 18 TSS Reports of Violations and Citations (Optional)
Unit 19 TSS Drive Tests
Unit 20 TSS SMS Help Form
Unit 21 TSS Applicant-Employee Contact or Request for Information
Unit 22 TSS Latest News and Blog Posts
Unit 23 TSS Group Newsletters
Unit 24 TSS Group Blog Notifications
Unit 25 TSS Custom Documents (Optional)