DOT Application Updates Complete on FULL SYSTEMS

One of your fellow TSS system owners/operators have just completed an audit, and the investigator requested that updated verbiage be added to the application. We have completed the update to the TSS system Drug and Alcohol Policy within each of your systems to ensure compliance with new requirements. There is no action needed on your part, this is just a friendly notice of the update so you can rest assured you are “Beyond Compliance”.

If you are running the light version of the TSS system or not utilizing the DOT Application package, this has not affected your system in any way. Below is the updated verbiage:

The requirement that the following personal information collected and maintained under this part shall be reported to the Clearinghouse:

A verified positive, adulterated, or substituted drug test result;

An alcohol confirmation test with a concentration of 0.04 or higher;

A refusal to submit to any test required by subpart C of this part;

An employer’s report of actual knowledge, as defined at § 382.107:

On duty alcohol use pursuant to § 382.205;

Pre-duty alcohol use pursuant to § 382.207;

Alcohol use following an accident pursuant to § 382.209;

and Controlled substance use pursuant to § 382.213;

A substance abuse professional (SAP as defined in § 40.3 of this title) report of the successful completion of the return-to-duty process;

A negative return-to-duty test;

and An employer’s report of completion of follow-up testing.