Electronic offsite audits are here, are you late to the party?

Way back in 2013 when we started developing the TSS system at a Green Certified Company, we determined that we would develop the entire system around a paperless process. While doing this, many people within the organization were highly resistant to the idea. We were required to triple vet all items with local and national FMCSA investigators before allowing the processes into the world. We had to verify that the electronic signatures and digital storage would meet all applicable requirements.

We started TSS using the slogan “Beyond Compliance” at the United Motorcoach Association (UMA) 2015 to illustrate our commitment to the motorcoach industry. While speaking with a lobbyist on the UMA floor, we were told that our product was pretty impressive, however,  a possible downside was that it would require changes for industry customers. We thought that was odd at the time, and in hindsight, that was accurate! This brief conversation was certainly enlightening and helped us to make sure we kept meeting the highest threshold for accuracy and compliance.

The last audit TSS was directly involved in illustrated the new process that is occurring now. The owner of the company had taken the time to properly prepare everything in neatly organized paper files, boxes, and binders, and set them all out with the coffee and doughnuts on the table. The auditor walked in, made introductions, took one look at the materials and doughnuts. He then asked how capable were we of getting this information to him in a digital format. The owner of the company looked stricken as all of that preparation was now useless. Fortunately, we had begun the digitization process earlier that year, and we told him it would be no problem. He grabbed a doughnut and coffee with a smile.

DOT/FMCSA Investigation Report April 2018

After five years and multiple DOT audits combined with feedback from customers, users and investigators, we are happy to report that we get surprised compliments on the TSS applications package. Our tried and true TSS application package can help your organization meet the requirements every time, and you can begin the process of becoming digitally proficient. By simply implementing the TSS application package, you can eliminate up to 50% of the paper produced! Additionally, your team will not have to scan it in, as the output is already in a PDF format.

Accuracy compliments from JJ Keller

Once you start the process, your team will become more familiar with these types of documents, and the methods for efficient storage. TSS can provide you a simple and proven file architecture for your files that will allow you to properly convert your existing files once your team is up to speed on the digital processes. This one simple step will easily get you on the road to success with a digitized process that has been proven and is acknowledged and preferred by the FMCSA. By starting your hiring process with a digital tool, you can reduce your workload and conversion costs!

The TSS application package is now offered as a standalone option for your organization at a very reasonable annual price. If you would like to find out more about this option, you can go here (LINK) to start utilizing this powerful tool now. This application package can be hosted on our Charterdriverjobs.com site for maximum exposure, or we can host it on a generic server if desired. All you will have to do is paste one link on your corporate website, and you are off to the races.

If you are not currently using a TSS product, or have decided against using a TSS product, we hope you will consider a digital products platform. Digital processes are the way of the future, and we witness our larger customers successfully relying on their TSS systems to handle many aspects of their compliance, training and HR functions. When your next audit arrives, it will likely be different than what you have experienced in the past. Please consider your process and make it as easy as you can for the auditors and your team, everyone benefits.