The only thing worse than training your employees and losing them is not training your employees and keeping them!

Total Safety Systems (TSS) has made available TSS Reasonable Suspicion Drug/Alcohol Certification training for your managers and supervisors. This essential course meets the DOT requirements and is available on any internet connected device. This course is now available at a 50%  discount thru June 1, 2019 (20.00). You may use the coupon code: REASONABLEINTRO at any time until June 1, 2019. Make sure your managers and supervisors are properly trained and documented for this activity.

TSS has also made available TSS Skills for Managers and Supervisors which covers some basic concepts that any person who is responsible for managing others should have. If you have organically grown your supervisors and managers, offer them the resources to be successful (45.00). Invest in your supervisors and managers to reduce employee turnover and keep your drivers and support personnel!

TSS is constantly creating new presentations for system owners, and now the TSS Training Course Library has become available to non-system owners on an annual subscription basis. This offering allows non-system owners who cannot or choose not to utilize a TSS Safety Management System (SMS) the ability access to the same great curated video presentation content and quiz materials prepared in a PDF document format for download.

As a subscriber to this service, your safety manager will now have access to professional and correctly paired safety and training materials on the go! Your safety manager may stream any or all of the presentations from the TSS site,  as many times as they like with no per-user pricing. By simply printing the prepared quiz material PDF document, your safety manager will have professionally prepared quiz materials (with the answer key) to hand out in a classroom environment.

Some of our latest productions include:

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TSS Presents: Coercion

TSS Collision Scene Process (how to take pictures)

TSS Presents: Myth of Hands-Free Driving

Feel free to visit the TSS COURSES page to see what TSS can offer your team.