Why do we call training training?

Why does everybody hate getting trained? If you can market your training ideas to your target audience properly,  your audience will think about and keep your safety message in their head. Here is a quick example of how to do this effectively with your TSS Safety Management System and LMS. 


New School:


Old School:

According to various research reports, videos and images have more than 65% chance of keeping your visitors engaged with your post. With the digital age upon us, it is easy to provide message recipients with engaging and entertaining information inside. Stop making your blogs and emails boring! Use High-Quality Videos to catch the interest of your message recipients.

By creating simple and quick content that is to the point and engaging, you are more likely to have your message recipients WANT to see what you have to say. Available in their pocket or backpack, simple video presentations will catch their attention and make training more enjoyable. More enjoyable training is more effective training, or should we call it entertainment? Would you like to have your message recipients actually WANT to hear your message and ENJOY doing it?

We simply took this three-paragraph message text and turned it into a quick video. Your TSS system can help you properly and effectively communicate with your audience. Let us show you how!


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