About Transportation Safety Systems

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TSS and "Beyond Compliance"

Transportation Safety Systems (TSS) is a Cloud-Based Safety Management System that follows the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Safety Management Cycle. The system, called "Beyond Compliance," was created to meet the needs of one of the largest Northwest Motor Carriers. It includes driver training programs, consistent delivery and testing methods, monthly refresher courses, policies and procedures, and safety and equipment training. The system also includes remedial training components, and is convenient and trackable, allowing drivers to complete the required materials at their own pace. With the addition of pre-boarding and mid-boarding tools, the system helps companies onboard new employees, adhere to qualification and compliance issues, and pass audits. The annual review tools for both drivers and managers help companies improve their policies and procedures. If you need more information on the system, TSS will be happy to schedule a demonstration meeting for you.