What are the Benefits of the TSS System?

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This environment offers the same training experience to every user. As the administrator, you have ability to set minimum score requirements with blocking or unlimited attempts. You can track the performance levels of your users, and determine areas needing attention or supplementation. Track your success with easy to see graphics and reporting.


Cloud Convenience

Ease of access for users. This web-based format allows users to complete the required training at their convenience and on their schedule. Optimized for Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Firefox, this platform is scalable and accessible by desktop, laptop, smart device. Where ever your people are, they have access!



Built with a back bone of a top of the line CMS System, this open source environment offers flexibility, expansion and updates. If you can think of it, it most likely already exists, we can expand your system to do what you want, how you want and when you want.


Plus you get the added benefit of...

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When we speak of safety, we do mean driver safety, however, employer safety is also a serious concern. By providing complete and consistent training, with verifiable documentation, you, the employer, can systematically document that you did provide the training necessary to ensure your drivers were capable of doing their best possible job. This has been proven in several situations where employees attempted to circumvent responsibility.



The initial outlay of precious capital can be hard to swallow, however the savings are realized within the first twelve months of active operation. Cost savings have been determined to be in the three hundred to five hundred dollar per new hire range. By holding alternating monthly safety meetings online, you can realize savings by reducing your venue expenses. Full-time trainers can range between 35-55 K per year whereas administering this program can be combined under and Administrative/HR position. Identifying a drive test trainer/driver can balance the human factor and skills side.



As a cloud based system, your administration team can access the utilities from any device with proper username and credentials. If you have a user who is in need, you can help them be successful on their schedule. Easy to update, Our cloud based Learning Managemnt environment can be used by the widest variety of people.

Additional Resources

Working with industry proven partners such as Shieg Associates, SMITH System and Eco Drive can help you round out your training programs for exceptional results. With our portal, we bring all of the top partnership links to your fingertips. TSS provides you one portal for all of your management resources. When in doubt, visit our resources tabs for twenty-four hour management of your Transportation Industry Needs.