Industry Specific
Large passenger transportation industry background screening companies are a non-existent resource.  There may be a wide variety of vendors in the market, each claiming to be exactly what you’re looking for, however, you must understand their pedigree. TSS was built by the industry, for the industry. We specialize in the passenger transportation industry, with many years of specialized experience and multiple DOT successfully completed.

As an employer, it helps to understand what separates an excellent transportation industry screening provider from a bulk services provider. By choosing TSS, you can be confident that the information you receive is from a trusted navigator and innovator of transportation industry talent solutions.

Too Focused to Fail
TSS does not want more files to process. Many service providers have begun offering services in the trucking industry, and spin-off services to the motorcoach industry have been implemented as a secondary revenue stream. TSS works for the passenger transportation industry, with a focus on the specific needs associated with it. With a client base cap of 200, TSS does aspire to be a large producer of files, rather a focused team member for the industry it was created to serve.

Exceptional Candidate Experience
TSS helps transportation industry candidates get hired more rapidly. Better than any other provider, TSS applies its industry relationships to take the anxiety out of a background check and DQ file assembly. By providing passenger transportation industry solutions – including a dedicated account manager, TSS will deliver the ever elusive and much-appreciated visibility, inclusivity, transparency, and communication you need to keep your tires turning.

Data with Integrity
TSS’s background screening proficiency and extensive verification processes mean our customers can feel comfortable they’re working with thorough, meaningful results. Whether you choose to use a TSS Safety Management System or the TSS Standalone services, TSS protocols reflect a strict adherence to industry recognized standards. Moreover, TSS delivers one of the highest education and employment verification rates in the passenger transportation industry.

Rapid Response Times
TSS’s technology and innovative solutions power some of the quickest turnaround times in the passenger transportation industry.  Whether you use a TSS system or choose to use the standalone services, our automated compliance tools will expedite your onboarding process like no other. Combine your needs with a TSS system solution, and get your employee hire times down to 7 days, with required training completed.

Expertise in Compliance
Risk mitigation while building your employment brand is a key pillar of strong hiring. TSS proactively develops products and services that meet current and future screening needs. We also provide tools and outreach to help customers stay informed of changing regulations. Let TSS keep you current on your HR and compliance related hiring issue while being a part of your team. To TSS, you are not just a customer, you are our team member.

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