Module 1 Introduction & General DRIVER SPECIFIC Policies
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Dress Code
Unit 3 Fuel Card Issue and Use Policy
Unit 4 Fuel Policy
Unit 5 Being Fuel Conscious
Unit 6 Speed Limit Policy
Unit 7 Speed Limit Policy Quiz
Unit 8 Seat Belt Policy
Unit 9 Seat Belt Policy Quiz
Unit 10 Alcohol Misuse Prevention
Unit 11 Alchohol Misuse Prevention Quiz
Module 2 Understanding Trip Forms
Unit 1 Trip Forms - The Black Box
Unit 2 Driver Trip Forms
Unit 3 Charter Order Quiz
Unit 4 Multi Bus Trip Forms
Unit 5 Live Versus Dead Miles
Unit 6 Load Times
Unit 7 Interstate Mileage Report
Unit 8 Amtrak
Unit 9 Multiday Trips
Unit 10 Hotels, Casinos, Dropping on wrong side (REWORK THIS ITEM EVENTUALLY)
Unit 11 Airport Pickups
Unit 12 Daily Log
Unit 13 Daily Log Examples
Unit 14 Trip Forms QUIZ
Module 3 Employer or State Specific Subjects
Unit 1 Bicycle Safety
Unit 2 Bicycle Safety QUIZ
Unit 3 Railroad Crossings in Washington
Unit 4 Rail Road Crossings QUIZ
Unit 5 Good to Go Pass Toll Passes
Unit 6 Good to Go Pass Toll Pass QUIZ
Unit 7 Marijuana and Banquet Permits on CMV
Unit 8 Banquet Permits, Alcohol and Marijuana on commercial vehicles QUIZ
Module 4 Pre Trip Vehicle Inspection
Unit 1 Vehicle Damage Reporting
Unit 2 Vehicle Inspection Report
Unit 3 Pre Trip Vehicle Inspection
Unit 4 Pre Trip Vehicle Inspection QUIZ
Module 5 New Hire Final Exam
Unit 1 New Hire final exam
Unit 2 New Hire Final Exam QUIZ