Congratulations to Northwest Navigator for being awarded Best Idea within their SPADER business management group!

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Congratulations Joe and Roxanne and thanks so much for being so involved in the development of your Safety Management System! Your request to create the special tools for Pre-Boarding and Mid-Boarding assessments and your willingness to share it with others certainly deserved the Best Idea award. These tools have been offered to all SMS owners, and each user has nothing but great things to say about the performance of their applications.

Several of the users have requested customizations, and the ability to track performance of the advertising dollars spent has been very helpful to determine where to focus new advertising dollars for maximum return on investment. We have been BETA testing a logic controlled employment application that can be used for all applicants, and when used in conjunction with the other tools, the On Boarding process will become more seamless and automated, allowing valuable human resources to be focused on training rather than preliminary paperwork. This shift in training resources and dollars will make drivers safer, damages less frequent, and customers happier.

As we strive to facilitate the sharing of great ideas amongst great operators who are focused on “Beyond Compliance”, we look forward to hearing from our users with their needs and ideas. If you have any thoughts on tools we can make to help facilitate our goals, please let us know. We are happy to develop these ideas, and who knows, your idea may win you the Best Idea down the road!