July 2016 Brings fun new Tools, Resources and Projects!

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As July of 2016 rolls around, TSS is rolling out a new pilot program with Lancer Insurance to bring www.LancerSafety.com to 24 companies as a complimentary training pilot program. This pilot program will be reviewed to determine how the performance of companies is improved with detailed and structured recurring training programs, and the hope is this will reduce the costs associated with damage to commercial vehicle fleets. This pilot program will be a primary focus to TSS over the next 18 Months, we will let you know what we find out!

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 5.56.52 PMAs TSS owners and developers, we use our systems every day to run and maintain one of the largest fleets in the Northwest Region. Every day is a development test, we create it in the real world, we use and abuse it, we break it, we fix it and we improve it. We always offer new and exciting tools to improve the efficiency and reliability of the TSS system. One of the greatest opportunities we have at TSS is to listen to our customers and users, and identify what they need in their specific business model. One of our California customers required a specialized solution to their business needs, and we were able to solve the problem, and in doing so, found a great new way of handling the requirements of the FMCSA and DOT.

We found a great new Electronic Signature program that is legally compliant in both the USA and Europe, as proven by multiple legal decisions. We have developed an easy to use application with three simple pages that collect the required information to populate all of the documents necessary to provide a DOT Compliant package. The implementation of this tool is bringing in multiple applications in short order, and the excess of qualified drivers is overwhelming. Make it easy, and the driver shortage evaporates!

One of our favorite customers in the Pacific Northwest has had a series of events that have caused significant damage to the fleet. They asked us to produce a training tool to help bring the information to their drivers, and after a series of video productions, we were able to provide a training tool to help reduce the costs and damages associated with this widespread issue. We can provide this tool to other SMS owners as needed, we are happy to rebrand it for your needs.

NWN Overhead Obstacle Strikes from Transportation Safety Systems on Vimeo.

Please let us know if there is a way we can help you with your Compliance, Training and “Beyond Compliance” needs. Hope this message finds you well, take care, and be safe.