Multi-Location Employee Tracking for Hiring Managers

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As TSS responds to the needs of SMS owners and users, we have the opportunity to solve problems for unique business situations. As one of our SMS owners found themselves in a odd predicament, they requested some assistance with solving a logistics problem, which we were happy to help with. If you would like to know more, fell free to keep on reading.

This SMS owner has multiple locations, and as they have grown, they found the need to extend their resources across several managers and locations. With the addition of a devoted Drive Trainer, and the loss of an HR person, they discovered the need to de-centralize their process and allow it to be accessible to all managers regardless of physical location or time of day. The question of how to facilitate communication, track progress and notify team players when their portion of the process was ready to begin was the task presented to us.

Always relishing a challenge, we were able to create a tool that allows for various user input, file upload, file sharing and open access to all members. The tracking for upper level managers was a key component, and reporting for owners to determine the effectiveness of the team approach was essential. Team members out in the field can update the system from a smart phone or tablet, and team members in the office can act on updated information to expedite the hiring, training and the performance improvement process.

One of the greatest things about developing solutions for SMS owners is that we can share the success story and determine how to add benefit to our SMS system. If you find yourself in a similar situation as your business grows, please let us know and we will be happy to add this tool to your SMS system. This is a simple addition, and is available as a free upgrade upon request.