Safety Notifications From Peer SMS Users = SUCCESS

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Unfortunately we find ourselves in a world where attacks and disasters happen all to frequently.  As we hear things on NEWS reports, The Internet or by Word of Mouth, additional information is always needed to fully understand what has happened. Sometimes the event needs to be relayed to people in a format that explains the facts or identifies the implications that people need to understand. Sometimes these events can change the way we conduct ourselves, either in the short or long terms.

As events occur, the network of SMS users that we have access to come up with great information in short order. This last week, one of our SMS owners asked us to add a resource for their drivers and employees to review. This great resource was reviewed, and sent out to other SMS owners for the optional inclusion in their SMS sites. Several of the SMS owners or Administrators were surprised to receive this information resource form us, and several mentioned they had requested the same information from the source and were still waiting.

The great part about being a part of this type of a network is that resources flow from one company to the other with ease. The opportunity to get new and relevant learning resources out to other operators is expedited, and relevant information can be disseminated and acted upon within hours as opposed to days or weeks. Once the resource is formatted for end user purposes, the information can be provided for almost immediate use.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 12.15.37 PMThis is the very essence of “Beyond Compliance”. Making sure your employees are doing their best to protect life and limb while exceeding the requirements of training and safety is what we are trying to facilitate here at Transportation Safety Systems.  With the help of our SMS owners and industry peers, it makes us feel good when our tools work and can provide examples for success within the Transportation Industry.

A special Shout out goes to the Silverado Safety Systems Administrator Jennifer W! Thanks for helping get information out to the community in short order. If you would like to take a look at the materials provided, the links below are available.