2018 W4 Updates, Text Notifications, Operators Manual and FTA Drug Training

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2018 W4 Updates

All TSS supported systems have now been updated with the new 2018 W4 documents. When using the Driver On-Boarding course, your new driver employees will encounter the I9 and W4 tools. This simple form asks the relevant questions and based on conditional logic, the information is placed into the proper government form for handling. The I9 has a simple workflow attached to allow the administrator to verify the information and when completed, a properly signed document is delivered in PDF to either print or store electronically. If you are not using a TSS system, please make sure you are using the newly available W4 documents.

Get the form here: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw4.pdf

Text Message Expiration Notifications

All TSS supported systems have had the ability to send Group SMS notifications to all employees. This comes in handy when you need to reach all employees with a simple message such as “Road Closed” or “Last Minute Runs Available”. With this functionality, your TSS system can also be set to send the renewals warning notifications by text notification and with the normal email notification.

As with the standard notifications, the link to upload the required credential can be included for ease of providing information remotely. When used, this resource can be stored within your TSS system for future reference and can easily document the receipt of the item for your DOT audit needs.

TSS Operators Manual

The newest version of the TSS Operators Manual can now be easily found in your Admin Toolbox. This document covers all of the functions and features of your TSS system. This resource is updated frequently as new functionality is added. Please feel free to locate this resource and review, download or print as desired.

FTA Drug Training Course

This newly designed course meets the requirements for the 2 hour Drug Training requirement. This course can also be used as a baseline training course and can be produced with a certificate if desired. If you would like to include this course in your curriculum or replace an existing course, let TSS know and it shall be done.

If you are not currently a TSS system user and would like to find out more about options for harnessing the power of a TSS system, please contact us at 206-999-3619 or marty@transportationsafetysystems.com. You can lease a system for a very reasonable monthly fee, or, for more flexible customization, you can purchase a system as well.