DOT applications updated for 2018 Opioid Compliance, I9 and W4 Automation

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TSS completed the necessary updates to all supported system users in late December 2018. Additionally, several audits occurred late 2017 and TSS integrated feedback from various regional auditors to add clarity to the DOT compliant application packages. All TSS system supported users had flying colors audit results, and all auditors are very impressed with the platform and functionalities.

With this update, TSS has provided:

  • Appropriate Opioid language compliant with new requirements;
  • Updated Drug Testing and Alcohol Testing percentage fields for ease of alteration in future;
  • OPTIONAL addendum to standard policy in addition to DOT requirements such as Marijuana edibles policy for states that have legalized recreational use;
  • More targeted definitions to the Drug and Alcohol policy to meet new requirements.

All new system launches for 2018 now include DOT and non-DOT pathway applications to accommodate and expedite hiring for all employee types. This has refined the process to ensure that non-DOT applicants are not confused by some of the DOT required language. If you have a basic or non-supported system and would like to integrate the new resources, please let TSS know.

TSS has added the new I9 and W4 tools to all fully supported systems at No Cost. This new set of tools allows the I9 and W4 to be completed remotely and provides upload capabilities for base documents. This simple, two-step workflow allows the required administrator the ability to review and verify according to the requirements of law. The data is applied directly to a government-issued document, and when dates of documents are verified, the system will automatically begin tracking the expiration dates of the source document for renewal warnings and recertification requirements.

TSS has been developing simple workflow resources for larger and multi-location operations. Workflows are a great way to manage where applications and information go, and managers can easily review all applications in the process from the dashboard with added reporting tools. You can approve or reject applicants from one spot. This new set of tools can reduce hiring and review times, and will process automated steps to ensure your hiring departments are proceeding within compliance on every communication, across all locations.

If you are not currently enjoying the power of a TSS system, please make sure that you have updated your applications for the 2018 DOT requirements. Additionally, you can continue to use your 2017 W4 documents as no updated options are currently available. We will keep you updated when new documents come out.