Drivers as Customers: CRM

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Your employees are your customers, and keeping in touch with them allows you to get your message out and promote your brand. Communication and trust are cornerstones of a successful relationship, how do you build relationships with your employees? Does a safety meeting every few months allow you to keep in touch with your customer effectively?

TSS works with many operators across the country, and it is amazing to see how operators use their TSS systems to communicate and promote their message of safety and service with the tools TSS offers.  We have an East Coast customer who invests her time to make scheduled posts several months in advance. This planned consistent messaging allows her to communicate what her organization values as a cultural message. How do you communicate with your customers?

Does your safety and messaging program involve sending email notices out to your employees? Do you tape memos to the wall of your facility? Is your message pleasing and upbeat? Do you have the ability to include graphics and video? Younger and more tech-savvy employees value convenient and exciting messaging, can you track your message and see how effective your strategy is?

By using the Blog Posting features of a TSS system, you can define a communications strategy, create a positive communications (safety) plan and track the success of that program with metrics. These can be delivered via Text, Email and are accessible 24/7 with exciting and interesting information that customers find interesting and want to see.

Providing effective communication in a convenient and documentable way makes your company look like a professional and thoughtful operation. When your customers (drivers) see this commitment to excellent customer service and support with professional messaging, they are more inclined to buy YOUR product. More customers (drivers) who are satisfied get more miles on those tires with less damage and that increases your bottom line.

Can TSS help you make more money today?