Online Applications, Expedited Hiring

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Would you like more applicants to be able to apply for your open driver positions? Would you like to be confident that you are not exposed to missed documents and signatures? Would you like to easily and digitally store your records without scanning them manually?

The days of retaining paper files are gone! With a TSS Standalone Application package linked to your corporate site, you can provide painless and quick applications 24 hours a day. The TSS application that has been reviewed by the FMCSA and is kept up to date with the ever-changing technical requirements is now available as a Standalone Option to meet your needs.

Convenience in the completion of the application, easy delivery to your inbox, and ease of storage and processing can make hiring more drivers faster a reality. With date logic, up to ten previous employer fields and cross check, your applicant can submit a compliant application conveniently from any device, 24/7. Integrated with the E-Signature tools, your applicant will easily sign multiple documents at one time, ensuring your applicant has an exceptional experience from the start.

Here is what is what the TSS Standalone Application will produce for you every time:

  • Application
  • MVR authorizations (initial authorization to pull, annual authorizations to pull)
  • Criminal background check authorization
  • PSP background check authorization
  • Certificate of compliance
  • Up to ten properly filled out previous employer requests for information
  • Drug and Alcohol policy (FMCSA current to standards)
  • Code of Conduct (EEO, sexual harassment, non-disclosure, at will employment)

Can we help you reduce your cost and time of hiring? This service is not based on volume, for less than the cost of a tank of gasoline every month, you can implement a reliable, effective and easy solution to getting more drivers in the door.

Would you like to get on the road to expedited hiring?