Streamlined applications, SMS and fax functionality added

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As the driver shortage continues to haunt the industry, we have invested the effort in exploring the typical onboarding process in an attempt to make it easier for the applicant to become part of your team. The new TSS application package has integrated date calculations and conditional logic so that your potential applicant has redundant fields pre-populated, and only sees what is needed in a single, streamlined application package. This new application package is dynamic and will work for either hiring pathway, DOT or Non-Dot applicants. This approach ensures there is only one function that needs to be maintained or customized for your unique operational requirements.

Both pathways automatically populate the required documentation which then is signed electronically with one signature, ensuring that your application is properly completed, and signed every time. The TSS application package now provides up to ten previous employers and each of the required CFR 49 Previous Employer Requests are automatically prepared as required.

Supported TSS systems now have the added functionality to send SMS and FAX notifications. This functionality is now paired with the CFR Previous employer request/response functions and is automated as needed based on the send type. What this means is that when you request/send a response, once you trigger the system, it will automatically complete the next required send based on the type you choose. Depending on what your applicant has provided for previous employer contact information, the system will send two requests a week apart.

If an Email was provided, the system will send by email. If a fax number was provided, the system will send the request twice by fax. If both are provided, it can be set to send once by email, twice by fax or vice-a-versa depending on your preference.

All requests are tracked within the system to verify the process, and once started, it is automatic.  This automated mechanism ensures you can verify your process, and never miss the required timeline. Additionally, you can track your entire Cfr 49 Previous Employer Request/Response protocol in one area for DOT investigations.

If you are a supported TSS system user, please let TSS know you would like to activate this program. If you are not a supported TSS system user, this option is available in a reduced fee, standalone option. Let us know if you would like more details by going to